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Top bilingual videographers in 4K. We offer multicity video production across Eastern Canada at affordable prices.


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Cinegrafica Films is a bilingual, award winning video production studio located in Quebec City with over 30 years of experience. We offer a wide range of video production services including top videographers shooting in 4K/S-Log, production management, scriptwriting, location scouting, casting and video editing. Our video producers are professionals, bilingual, and fun to work with.

A quick thank you for the video work you did for us. The footage is great.  Everyone on the team is really happy about it.

Dan Cumberland

Dan Cumberland

Videoremix, San Francisco

Thanks again for all your great work. I look forward to working with you again!

Stephen Gardner

Stephen Gardner

Gardner Productions, Toronto

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Nicholas Kinsey, producer.

Nicholas is a prolific and multi-talented bilingual film director and videographer. He is a Canadian of English origin (dual citizenship), born in Ontario and raised in England. He has been a successful director of photography, director, scriptwriter, novelist, and film editor over a long career. His credits include a lot of features, documentaries and drama series which have won numerous awards. He is a highly experienced videographer and is familiar with all the latest technology for video capture and digital sound.  See his IMDB.

Director-cameraman Nicholas Kinsey on the set of Tree Line with his old Arriflex 35BLII.
    "Today, we need to keep on our toes. Our clients are often way ahead of us with their shallow depth-of-focus interviews and soft backgrounds, and, let's not forget, bokeh. They want stunning 4K videos in S-log so that they can crop in editing and build the colour grade from the ground up. They want green screens, teleprompters, travelling shots on gimbals and aerial drone footage. We come from a cinema background so we can give them all of this at very affordable prices."

Trade shows & conferences services


Cinegrafica can provide you with a complete package — a headshot station, event photography and video production — at a very reasonable price. Our personnel are perfectly bilingual and we travel all across Eastern Canada.

Our headshot station builds traffic for your tradeshow or convention. It creates leads and engagement at your booth. Our digital headshot station is the perfect solution for high-volume, on-site portrait and headshot photography at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other large company gatherings. We offer a variety of different colour backgrounds to choose from for your event.

Presenter Joanie Picard Phillips and Jesus Jerome Lacroix on the set of the CEPN video with teleprompter.


Corporate video production today costs a fraction of the price of the same work several years ago. The video equipment is lighter and requires fewer technicians to operate it. We can provide all your video production needs for a press conference, a speech or any event where you need a good picture and sound. Our bilingual crew is equipped with the best equipment and our rates are very reasonable. We offer multicity video production all over Eastern Canada: Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton, Québec, Montréal, Kingston and Toronto.

Feature films and tv drama

Cinegrafica is involved in film and television drama production. The film production studio is a spin-off from Cinegraphe Productions which was founded in 1976 with offices in Quebec and New Brunswick. The film studio has won numerous awards for its comedies and drama shows. Its credits include "Short Change", "Women Without Wings", "Lakefront", "The Backup Man", "Killing Ruth - the Snuff Dialogues", "Leatha Acidents", "Tree Line", "Dead Anyway", the "Cottage in America" TV series and documentaries "Martin Frobisher and the Baffin Fraud" and "The Hudson Mutiny".

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Director/cameraman Nicholas Kinsey lining up a shot on the movie Tree Line with actress Kristin Wallace.
Irena Huljak and Kevin Jackson in Killing Ruth movie

book publishing

Cinegrafica launched its book publishing arm in 2016 with four exciting historical novels based on television drama projects developed for European co-production. Written by Nicholas Kinsey, the novels were published by Booklocker in the US. They are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and ebook. See Nicholas's blog:

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